Greeting you with our warmest regards.
we would like to introuce you ti Zia industrial co . with more than a quarter-century of relevant experience in the manufacture of heating machines, Zia Industrial co . Specialies in producing and supplying all type of Industrial washng machines to suit the requirements of hospital ,hotels ,dormitories ,industrial factories ,inuandries and dry cleaners across the cauntry …
Realing On years of experience and benefiting from rich sources of knoeledge and specialaization in order to achieve goals of self-sufficiency and removed of the need for imports of the afore-mentioned for washing-extracting. dry-cleaning and water extracting. as well as dryers. suction-irons and steam boilers. models of which can be seen in the catalogue.
our main aim is providing service to the public. and gaining their trust throuth productin of high and superior quality. and thr strongest motivation for our tireless efforts is a respectable reputation and the satisfaction and trust of our costumers. it is a source of great pride for company that. besides securing thr needs of domestic consumers .
taking quality managment system certificate is another glort of this company .
furthemore, within standarding steam boilers. taking standard certificate and boilerplate is another success of this company during recent years and we own this success to continuous and compassion endeavors of good colleagues and operators to achieve the goal of independecy in above scopes .
we are now exporting our products to neighbourung countries .

with Regards Managment And staff of ZIYA industrial Company